News update

Release of 2 new Ryugan GigE models



NED released the 2K and 8K GigE model last year, and is now releasing the remaining 4K and 6K models. With this release the Ryugan GigE series is available from 2-8K.

RMSL4K25GE: 4K, 25kHz, monochrome, single line 

RMSL6K17GE: 6K, 17kHz, monochrome, single line 

Easy setting of scan speed and exposure time


Control software GUI

The Ryugan series offer easier settings for line rate and exposure time. The scan cycle is set to Hz and the exposure time is set to nsec.

Click buttons below to download detailed specifications

Intelligent functions in upcoming Ryugan Camera Link model

RMSL2K125CL release in 2020 Q2

RMSL2K125CL back view


High speed Camera Link 2K, 125kHz, monochrome, single line model with new features:

  • ROI
  • Pixel binning(1024pixels 28×14㎛)
  • External scan direction switching
  • Remote firmware update
  • No fixed pattern noise

Horizontal pixel binning

Data of two adjacent pixels is processed as one pixel.

“Addition mode” doubles the sensitivity with √2 times noise.

In “Average mode”, the sensitivity stays unchanged and noise is reduced by 1/√2.



Select the data range to output and reduce the transmitted data output.

No fixed pattern noise

The sensor does not generate any fixed pattern noise and sensitivity is approximately doubled (90V/lux) compared to previous model XCM2040SAT4.

Contact your NED sales representative for detailed specifications.

New features with upcoming TechView version 1.2


“TechView” is an image processing software without the need for programming. Quickly solve system related problems at the manufacturing site using the intuitive node GUI.

NED is planning to release TechView version 1.2 in March 2020 with added new functions.



PanelView is an upgraded version of TileView.  Display results intuitively in PanelView by rotating images and create buttons with custom shapes. 


Mesurement processing time/Looping processing

  • Check processing time
  • RunStaticSubset Loop processing.

※RunStaticSubset is a node that can organize a series of processes

External device input with Lite license

Lite version that is using NED image processing library will be able to support external device inputs.

* There are restrictions for corresponding external devices
* Lite license version has limited functions

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