Main Data

Camera Link
4096 x 3 px
Line Rate
17.7 kHz *In Pseudo-exposure control mode: 8.8 kHz
  • High speed readout(80MHz, 3 taps, 8/10 bits)
  • High resolution(4096pixels)
  • Easy control of gain / offset / video output with external software.
  • Single power source DC12V to 15V for operation
  • Flat-field correction – minimizes lens vignetting, non-uniform lighting and sensor FPN and PRNU
  • Auto white balance
  • Pseudo-exposure control

Model ordering number

No mount

Sensor data

4096 x 3 pixels
Pixel size W x H
10 x 10 µm
Sensor length
40.96 mm
Spectral responsivity
400~700 (Peak: R=610, G=540, B=460) nm
Data rate
80 x 3 MHz
Bit depth
24 bit RGB, 30 bit RGB
Clock speed
80 MHz
Saturation exposure (lx・s)
0.0384 [Minimum Gain, Daylight Fluorescent Light]
Responsivity (V/ [lx・s])
130(V/[lx・s]) Analog 5V Conversion Sensitivity/Visible Area (400~700nm)
Gain adjustable range
Analog amplifier + digital
Recommended: x1 to x2.5 *Possible: up to x5
Digital offset adjustable range (DN)
8 bit: 0 to 15 DN (16 Steps) 10 bit: 0 to 60 DN (16 Steps)
PRNU (Photo Response Non Uniformity)
Typically 6% (without correction, at minimum gain) 2% (with correction, at minimum gain)
Random noise
Typically 30DN (peak value at minimum gain)

Physical data

Size W x H x D
150×100×70.1 mm
Weight (body without mount)
900 g
Lens mount

Format & Connections

Video output format
Camera Link Base Configuration (8 bit 3 tap) Camera Link Medium Configuration (10bit 3tap)
Control input
CC1: External Trigger Signal, CC2: Encoder input signal CC3, 4: Not in use
Power supply:
3M: MDR26 [Camera Link] x 2
Hirose: HR10G (6Pin)

Power & Operation

Power supply voltage
DC12~15[±5%] V
Consumption current
900 mA
Operating temperature No condensation
0~50 ˚C
*¹ DN: Digital Number (10-bit: 0-1023)
*² Measurements were made at room temperature.
NUCLi4KA F-mount
ModelProduct typeSeries nameModelFile typeFile typeFile formatLast revisionDownload
NUCLi4KALine scan cameraRainbowNUCLi4KATechnical drawing 2DTechnical drawing 2DDXF2D
NUCLi4KALine scan cameraRainbowNUCLi4KATechnical drawing 3DTechnical drawing 3DSTEP3D
NUCLi4KALine scan cameraRainbowNUCLi4KAUser manualUser manualPDF2019/03/01User manual
NUCLi4KALine scan cameraRainbowNUCLi4KAControl softwareControl softwareEXEControl software
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