Main Data

Camera Link
8192 px
Line Rate
76.92 kHz
  • High speed readout(680MHz)
  • High resolution(8192 pixels)
  • Choice of 2tap, 4tap or 8tap with 8192 pixels on data format
  • Choice of 8bit or 10bit on readout of all format
  • Choice of 40MHz, 60MHz or 85MHz on data output clock speed
  • Easy control of gain / offset with software outside the camera.
  • Easy connection with a variety of frame grabber boards via Camera Link interface
  • Single power source DC12V to 15 for operation
  • Flat-field correction – minimizes lens vignetting, non-uniform lighting and sensor FPN and PRNU

Model ordering number

No mount

Sensor data

8192 pixels
Pixel size W x H
7 x 7 µm
Sensor length
57.344 mm
Spectral responsivity
400-1000 (Peak: 625) nm
Data rate
680 MHz
Bit depth
8, 10
2, 4, 8
Saturation exposure (lx・s)
0.071 [Minimum Gain, Pixel Correction Initial Value, Daylight Fluorescent Light]
Responsivity (V/ [lx・s])
100 (V/[lx・s]) Analog 5V Conversion Sensitivity Visible Area (400~700nm)
Gain adjustable range
Analog amplifier + digital
Analog Amplifier: x1~x10 (8 Steps)
Digital: x1~x2 (512 s)
Digital offset adjustable range (DN)
Digital: -127~127(0.5DN/STEP:8bit) -127~127(2.0DN/STEP:10bit)
FPN (Fixed Pattern Noise)
Typically 5 DN (without correction, at minimum gain) 2 DN (with correction, at minimum gain)
PRNU (Photo Response Non Uniformity)
Typically 20 DN (without correction, at minimum gain) 4DN (with correction, at minimum gain)
Random noise
Typically 20DN (peak value, at minimum gain)

Physical data

Size W x H x D
80 x120 x 65 mm
Weight (body without mount)
600 g
Lens mount

Format & Connections

Video output format
Camera Link Deca Configuration (10bit/8tap) Camera Link Full Configuration (8bit/8tap) Camera Link Medium Configuration (8or10bit/4tap) Camera Link Base Configuration (8or10bit/2tap)
Control input
CC1: External Trigger Signal, CC2-4: Not in use
Power supply:
3M: MDR26 [Camera Link] x 2
Hirose: HR10G (6Pin)

Power & Operation

Power supply voltage
DC12~15[±5%] V
Consumption current
250 mA
Operating temperature No condensation
0~50 ˚C
*¹ DN: Digital Number (10-bit: 0-1023)
*² Measurements were made at room temperature.
RMSL8K76CL no mount
RMSL8K76CL M72-mount
ModelProduct typeSeries nameModelFile typeFile typeFile formatLast revisionDownload
RMSL8K76CLLine scan cameraRyuganRMSL8K76CLTechnical drawing 2DTechnical drawing 2DDXF2D
RMSL8K76CLLine scan cameraRyuganRMSL8K76CLTechnical drawing 3DTechnical drawing 3DSTEP3D
RMSL8K76CLLine scan cameraRyuganRMSL8K76CLUser manualUser manualPDF2020/02/21User manual
RMSL8K76CLLine scan cameraRyuganRMSL8K76CLControl softwareControl softwareEXEControl software
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