Main Data

Camera Link
4096 x 3 px
Line Rate
40 kHz
  • High speed readout 85MHz(6 taps for R,G,B x 2 of odd/even)
  • Easy control of gain / offset / video output with external software.
  • Easy connection with a variety of frame grabber boards via Camera Link interface
  • Single power source DC 12V to 15V for operation
  • Auto white balance function
  • Exposure time control mode function

Model ordering number

No mount

Sensor data

4096 x 3 pixels
Pixel size W x H
10 x 10 µm
Sensor length
40.96 mm
Data rate
170 x 3 MHz
Bit depth
24 bit RGB, 30 bit RGB
Clock speed
85 MHz
3, 6
Saturation exposure (lx・s)
0.05 *Visible Area (400~700nm)
Responsivity (V/ [lx・s])
100 *Visible Area (400~700nm) *Analog 5V Conversion Sensitivity
Gain adjustable range
Analog amplifier + digital
Analog Amplifier: x1 to x5.5 (6 Steps)
RGB shared: x1 to x2 (512 Steps)
Digital offset adjustable range (DN)
8bit: -40 to 40 (161 steps) 10bit: -160 to 160 (161 steps)

Physical data

Size W x H x D
62 x 100 x 72 (F Mount) mm
Weight (body without mount)
400 g
Lens mount

Format & Connections

Video output format
Camera Link Medium/Base/Full Configuration
Control input
CC1: External Trigger Signal CC2-4: Not in use
Power supply:
3M: SDR26 [Mini Camera Link]
Hirose: HR10A (6Pin)

Power & Operation

Power supply voltage
DC12~15[±5%] V
Consumption current
800 mA
Operating temperature No condensation
0~50 ˚C
*¹ DN: Digital Number (10-bit: 0-1023)
*² Measurements were made at room temperature.
XCM4085TLCT6 F-mount
ModelProduct typeSeries nameModelFile typeFile typeFile formatLast revisionDownload
XCM4085TLCT6Line scan cameraRainbowXCM4085TLCT6Technical drawing 2DTechnical drawing 2DDXF2D
XCM4085TLCT6Line scan cameraRainbowXCM4085TLCT6Technical drawing 3DTechnical drawing 3DSTEP3D
XCM4085TLCT6Line scan cameraRainbowXCM4085TLCT6User manualUser manualPDF2018/07/25User manual
XCM4085TLCT6Line scan cameraRainbowXCM4085TLCT6Control softwareControl softwareEXEControl software
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